Thanks, Grandma Gayla

We miss you already!


Something we have been especially thankful for over these last four months is time with family. It was so wonderful celebrating a new baby in the family with all the grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunts, and nieces and nephews. They’ve all been a huge help too. For four months we’ve been surrounded by extra hands, quick trips to the store, and doting, doting, doting. But tonight, after all this time, it’s just the three of us.

This morning I dropped my mom off at the airport in Kiev. She flew back to Ukraine with us three weeks ago and has been a huge help as we’ve gotten settled. We had no warning about Justus’ arrival in February; we left town less than 24 hours after we learned he was waiting for us in Kansas. Nothing in our apartment was ready for a baby, so having my mom here allowed us to focus on our house and shopping and immigration documents for Justus. Her extra hands were a blessing, but what I miss most tonight is her heart.

One of the ways infertility stung all those years was watching my mom be an amazing grandma to my siblings’ kids. I ached to see see my own kids experience all that love and attention, and I wondered how much of that energy might be left by the time our own kids finally showed up. It’s not an exaggeration to say it’s been a dream come true to watch her fall in love with our firstborn. I have cherished all the time we’ve had together. Justus loves his grandma.

It was very hard to see her go. It’s always hard to say goodbye when we live so far apart from one another, but this time was different. This time we weren’t saying goodbye to mom, we were saying goodbye to Grandma Gayla.

First moments together

Reading books together

Reading with grandsons

At the doctor’s

On the airplane

Happy to be outside

Skyping with Grandpa John

Quiet times