Surrounded By Good People


As is always the case, just when we thought we were on top of things with our registration here in Ukraine, we are actually behind.

Yesterday we turned in some paperwork to get all of Katie’s old information transferred to her new passport, and if a lady at immigration didn’t happen to catch a small, overlooked detail, Katie’s temporary residency would have lapsed, and we would have had to leave the country and start the visa process all over again.

Things were bad, real bad, she explained over the phone. We’d need to come in the morning or there was going to be trouble. This discouraging news meant we needed help. We needed someone to go with us who could make sure we understood everything we needed to do. And we needed Sergei from church to come and sign some things on behalf of the church. Our friend Vanya immediately agreed to join us. Sergei said he’d drop his work in the morning and gladly accompany us.

And so we went. They gave us a list of things to accomplish, then the four of us headed to a coffee shop to fill out forms, and to sign and stamp documents. As we sat around the table together, I felt so unworthy of such wonderful friends in my life. Friends who come when you call no matter what the situation.

I’ve been feeling that a lot recently.