The Weather Is Frightful


It’s been good to be back, but it’s been a little weird too. We were gone long enough to make being here feel like a dream we had once. We’re slowly getting back into the routine of our responsibilities which feels good. It’s hard to believe that Christmas and New Year’s are so near; I suppose our schedules will be out of whack until after the holidays.

It took us about eight days to feel like we were finally over jet lag. Usually when I’m going through the time change coming this direction, I sleep fairly well at night but am exhausted during the day. This time, though, I wasn’t sleeping well and I felt exhausted during the day. It was one of the harder transitions I can remember.

I took the picture above looking out of our kitchen window this afternoon when the sun was setting around 3:30pm. It’s so beautiful from the inside. But outside, the weather outside is simply frightful. The last couple of days have been very cold, with temperatures hovering close to zero. Our apartment has stayed pretty warm (especially after taping our window sills), and for that we are thankful.

About a week after we got back we got a couple good snows, and then the temperature dropped and stayed below freezing so Kharkov looks wonderful right now. I needed to run to the market for something last week and enjoyed listening to Christmas music while tromping through the fresh and frozen snow. There’s just something magical about snow and Christmas music.

Well it’s 9:30pm and I feel absolutely exhausted. Maybe I’m not completely over jet lag like I thought. Or maybe it’s because I’m thirty now. To be determined, I guess.